1. Customers who purchase a new qualifying FUJIFILM product (second hand or refurbished FUJIFILM products are excluded) (‘Qualifying Product’) between 09th March 2016 and 31st May 2016 will be eligible to receive a cashback reward .The promotional period and reward received vary by the product purchased. For a full list of qualifying products, rewards and promotional periods, please see the Qualifying Products page on this website.

2. Purchases must be made from qualifying retailers or internet sites as shown on the Qualifying Retailer list on this website.

3. The promotion is open to residents of the UK only. Any claims for products which appear to be from outside the UK will be deemed invalid. Only genuine Qualifying Fujifilm products detailed on the Qualifying Products page are valid for this promotion.

4. Claims cannot be made until 30 calendar days after the date of purchase, and must be made within 60 days following the date of purchase. The date of purchase counts as day 1. Claims received after this period will be deemed invalid.

5. A maximum of 3 cashback claims per person can be accepted during the promotional period. Each claim will only be accepted if they do not include the same model as previous claims. In total up to 10 individual qualifying products can be claimed.

6. No multiple claims for the same product model allowed.

7. The claim form can be found on this promotional website. In order to complete a claim you must enter your personal details and purchase information which includes:

8. Provided your claim is successful, you will receive your cashback within 14 calendar days of claim validation into your nominated bank account. No alternative is available.

9. FUJIFILM will notify customers when incomplete claims are submitted. Notification of omissions will be made via email. Customers will be given the opportunity to rectify any errors within 7 calendar days of receipt of the email.

10. Incomplete, fraudulent, altered or illegible claims will be disqualified by FUJIFILM. FUJIFILM reserves the right to the request the original proof of purchase. If this is requested to be sent via the postal system, it will be returned to you.

11. If a claim is refused because the terms of the offer have not been met, the promoter's decision is final. FUJIFILM reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the promotion without notice.

12. Your claim will be invalidated if the Qualifying Products are returned to store for a refund or exchange.

13. Hardware, technical, software, server, website, loss or other failures outside our control that prevents the customer participating in the promotion is not the responsibility of FUJIFILM.

14. FUJIFILM reserves the right to void this promotion at any time and change the terms and conditions without incurring any liability.

15. Email address for correspondence is help@Fuji-Offers.com; please provide your unique Claim ID supplied during the claim process with any correspondence. Further details can be found on the contact us page of this website.

Promoters address: Promoters address: FUJIFILM UK Ltd, Unit 10a St Martin’s Way, Bedford, MK42 0LF. Please do not send any applications to this address.

Please do not send any applications to this address.